Thursday, October 29, 2015


When it rains…
I am there next to him
The rain drops were dancing just for us…
He holds me
And makes me hear his heartbeats…
I listened and rejoiced…
He looked into my eyes
And saw the ocean…
I closed mine…
My last vision was he
He smiled and looked seaward
He was feeling the rain, sea and me…
In the palms of his hands
I felt the fragrance of my life and destiny

When it rains
We were alone there
In that sea shore,
Freeze and crystallized…
When a wave hugged us
We melted
We flowed across the time and space
We passed through the silence of love
We blossomed in those unremembered seasons

When it rains
What unite us?
Only the boundless ocean
And the rain threads….
Make us tied together forever
Because still it's raining.

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