Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Tears of gratitude

 It is so hard to see your toddler crying. It is heart breaking for any mother. But today when my toddler gave that emotional out break. I was happy. Yes of-course I was in tears, after the initial shock and what to do now emotions I decided to stay calm, irrespective of tears in my eyes. 

       It was another usual afternoon for me and my 14 month old son. After his normal afternoon nap, we decided to play, as he is interested in music, I play a few of his favourite songs on my PC and connect it to the TV screen. He is in that progression-stage; coming forth as a toddler from baby, unwrapping new things, springing up his own little unique personality and I can see it is shining through different things he does, like showing affection, do something comical ( if he finds we are laughing at it), show a kind of empathy by joining me during my mood swings especially if I am sad, dancing to some tunes he likes and the other regular baby behaviour.Before I go out to the kitchen for a glass of water I have seen Angu (my son) playing music on his cycle and dancing. THE HAPPY KID. After a few moments I came back to find out my son sitting idle, looking at the television with eyes filled with tears and he is almost having an emotional breakdown. Oh, what have I done wrong? He looks at me, then in his baby language said something weeping and then pointed out to the television. What is going wrong there? By accident, in the you tube loop I played one of  ITV's Britain got talent video where they are showing clips of a 9 year old boy crying during his performance and tears of that boy made my little man cry. It may be a usual child's behaviour to copy others, but I really, really hope it is not just that, it's MY BOY understanding and learning the much required skill of empathy, stand with (and for) others during their hard times, understand others, being compassionate and kind, acquire a non judgemental outlook towards life; those grater good one needed in life to live and exist as a human being. LEARN To become HUMAN.

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