Thursday, May 28, 2015

Life is an every day dance.

It is an old image, taken few snowy seasons back. I don't know this girls, but I still remember the moment I met them. How cheerful they were, how enthusiastic they were and how happy they were? I often wonder what make people happy? Wealth? Health? Friends or Relationship? My answer is happiness is all about how we treat our life. How we take care of the moments we got. But is it an easy task? Live our days with out negative thought. Don't know about you, but it is very hard for me. Negative thoughts are like tangled wire, from one thought to another it form a mess we can't easily untangle. But there are few simple steps I often choose to over come these negative thoughts.

  1. Smile 
Smile is the best way to feel good. Look at the mirror and remember a complement you get from a dear friend, recollect those moments and smile. If you are working or at home go for a small walk, get some fresh air and smile. For me smile is a confidence booster. Don't you remember all those facebook smiles we use. Yes it is a better way of communication a confidence booster.

2. Music

Do you sing? If yes sing as much as you can, all those romantic songs. Don't worry about tune or lines. Just sing. Or if u cant sing put on some music. It will ease of your pain and more sense of control for sure. Now music therapy is the new norm even in modern medicine. I always use my imagination and picturise those wonderfully written lines. Music has a profound effect, it not only improve our imagination but give as more concentration.

3. Spoil yourself with a favourite dessert:

Yes, a simple bar of chocolate can do wonders not a sugar addict then go for a favourite fruit.

Last but not least appreciate the life you got.

Keep smiling,

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